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By Jason Johnson
Aug 25 2022

I placed 2 separate orders only 1 been processed where is the other one

By Joe Henry Cuellar
Jun 17 2022

I ordered a Smart Watch advertised on TikTok.. about 2 months ago but I never received it. Please contact me at [emailprotected]

By Florence Marfowaa
Jun 08 2022

Need confirmation email for my item who has been paid by PayPal

By Amlework Tufer
Jun 07 2022

I ordered for Wine gun but my order it’s not coming what happened please let me know thanks

By Lisa Rogers
May 29 2022

I can't seem to find a contact number or address to send the wrong size shoes I bought, please email me an reason,so we can resolve this,I want the shoes,I just need the right size!!

By Patricia Straker
May 17 2022

I did a per chase and I’m supposed to pay $2.99 for shipping it’s charging me regular price of a total of $14.00. It’s incorrect, I’m only supposed to pay for shipping, it’s the cloud sandals. Pls correct

By Erlinda San Estebsn
Apr 24 2022

I ordered shoes last Sunday 24th of April and after reading all the comments from Wholee and deducting money from accounts without authorization I have doubt that it might happen to me in the future.
Hopefully this is not a scam as I'm recommending to some of my friends to order in this company. I need my shoes urgently as I'm going overseas in three weeks time. Please let me know when it arrives. Thank you.

Apr 20 2022

I ORDED A PAIR OF TENNIS SHOES FOR MY HUSBAND ON 3d29094868650612 i paid $23.13 which i haven' recieved as of yet.

By Leroy Waylee
Apr 02 2022

I need my order. The information I received was “ returned to warehouse”.
I either need my order or refund.

By jesus
Feb 08 2022

ya pasaron 35 dias y no llega mi pedido que pasa.....o todo es fraude


By Yvette bouwens
Jan 10 2022

I had to reset my phone and I have lost my order so can you please tell me when it will arrive

By Andrew Morrison
Jan 07 2022

I got 2 coats from you but I need to return the coats as they are too small

By Kenny
Dec 31 2021

Where is my order

By Susan S Scott
Dec 15 2021

Don't know where my order is it's a Christmas present

By anwar
Dec 14 2021

I bought shoes by buying on Facebook. No information about my goods. Please let me know when it arrives. Thank you

By Rodney
Nov 30 2021

I never got my order from you so I need my money back or refund not I will contact my credit card company se what day do

By Debra M Curtis
Nov 27 2021

Still waiting for my orders, order#G4322 and G4338

By Paula J Weiss
Nov 23 2021

I can't talk to anyone to get there address to return 5 items. My phone number 321-320-0993, My Name is Paula Weiss, address: 1820 Nicklaus Dr. Tallahassee, Fl. 32301

By maralyn sawford
Nov 19 2021

I ordered 2 projector painting toys 1 in blue 1 in pink. when they arrived the boxes were all squashed. they were for christmas presents but with the boxes in this condition look used and not new.

By Roselande Delance
Nov 09 2021

I would like to know where is my order 🤔😕I can't believe that.

By Gloria Pritchett
Oct 25 2021

My shirts that I order all are to small need a 4xlarge size in everyone that I order please if you don't have size please return my money took a long time to get them thank you

By Damon Lee
Oct 08 2021

I paid the money in full and I haven't received my order yet and it's been a month now.

Sep 28 2021

I have made a order with you an the order number is SO29076102151146 I still like to receive my order

By Preza Tamang
Sep 10 2021

Can you cancel this taking £0.99 every month I’m very upset whatever had taken in the past return me pls . Many thanks

By Graham ellis
Sep 08 2021

I would like a Australian phone number as I want to talk to a sales person please I am very interested in your products thank you Graham

By Michael Shelnutt
Aug 27 2021

Still have not received package

By Tolulope Olayemi Ogundare
Aug 13 2021

Wholee is a scam, I ordered from them since 24 July and I am yet to receive my parcel. No mobile contact or person to talk to.
If they're legal there should be a mobile contact kn their app or online to locate them.



By Cheri bell
Aug 13 2021

I want to cancel this as taking $0.99 every month, I dont want to purchase anything.

By Tina McKinney
Aug 10 2021

I would like to cancel V & A Borderless that come out of my PayPal acvoint. When trying to cancel on PayPal it ended up sending you another payment of 11.88. PLEASE cancel my account.

By Carol Stevenson
Jul 21 2021

i ordered some t-shirts the money came out of my bank account on the 19th July for £27.85 can you tell me when i will receive them?

By Estrelita VDoronio
Jun 28 2021

Stop getting money in my credit card, 99p every month, cancel my account you charge me every month 99p even I didn’t use it, stopped please

By Tony mckenna
Jun 23 2021

Please cancel any contact o have immediately thank uou

By Katarzyna
May 08 2021

Can you stop take money from my account . I never order nothing from this app but every month you take my money !!! WHY?????

By Mariela A Ruiz
Apr 23 2021

Where is my order I never received it and I was charged for it and there contact us padmge is in Chinese. I dont speak Chinese, I speak English and my order and money was taken in English. I want a refund or my package asap or I'm reporting fraud.

By Yaser
Apr 21 2021

I’d like to cancel the subscription how do I do now is about a year I did subscription by mistake and I just discovered it

By Faye Yussuf
Mar 17 2021

Wholee is a pirate company it steals 0.99 pounds of its customers account every month. Stop this nonsense as you are stealing from my account. I only bought a handbag and I am being charged for the item now going into 5 months? For a £1.99 pound bag which was not what I ordered.

By Saadia oubella
Mar 08 2021

Cant understand why u still taking money from my account 0.99£ every month. Been done shopping one time i paid for it i get my deleverie com 7 months a go so what im paying for now. I leave email on email many times i think u stolen my money by doing this so im going through to do next step with this ap as im tierd to asking u what is this 0.99£ u stilling every month

By Violet chibueze
Mar 04 2021

Wants the items paid for delivered. No response from wholee after taking my monies from my card. Qant my goods asap

By Anna Kurantowicz
Feb 21 2021

Can you stop taking money from my account!?

By Tina pokhrel
Feb 15 2021

I didn’t got any msg, phone call, mail from you people when my item was delivered in Australia post. My parcel was send back to the sender i already send my address and contact number to the sender but when i check tracking number it is still with the sender its been already 9 days when i will get my parcel if not possible call me asap or please return my money back. Thankyou

By Katarzyna
Feb 08 2021

Can you stop taking money from my account without any reason.

By Cecilia
Feb 04 2021

Stop taking money from my account.

By Nassir mohammed nur Abdelkadir
Feb 02 2021

Would you please stop taking money from my account (0.99£) every month

By Gla
Jan 31 2021

Please can you stop taking money out of my account.
Thank you

By Awais Ibrahim
Jan 28 2021

Can you stop taking money from my acount I need my money back

By Bev Foden
Jan 25 2021

Can you stop taking 0.99p from my account each month... This info will be going to the the fraud team of my bank account

By Anie Jose
Jan 22 2021

Could you please stop taking money from (99 p per month)
my account withoutt any reason. I already delated you from my phone. Please refund my money back.

Jan 21 2021

Could you please stop taking 0.99 from my account monthly, I was not made aware of this when I bought items from your company, solicitors have been informed

By Abigail
Jan 21 2021

I just realized you have been taking 2.99pounds from my account for no reason, stop!!!!!

By Kisa trinee Taylor
Jan 17 2021

Please stop taking money off my account and send my refund for the months that they have been taking off my card thank you

By Kisa trinee Taylor
Jan 17 2021

Just want my 99 cent payments back on my card don't want them taking 99 cents monthly for no membership or nothing like that I just want my refund back

By Melinda Bruton
Jan 13 2021

I tempted to buy a coat on a Facebook link on January 3rd I didn't think it went through because I never got a confirmation email but I did get charged on my PayPal acct that says from V&A Borderless and that links to this company. I will accept my order but I need contact and tracking info.

By Jeannette Sanders
Jan 04 2021

I need for this account to be close out this not what I through I was getting need it asp

By Usha magar
Jan 03 2021

Can you just stop taking money from my account , 99 p per month.without no reson 🤔😳

By Bukola odelana
Dec 30 2020

Hi I purchased item since November 19 till now I have not receive my order and they said is delivered which I did not see any thing my order no is S029046682000730 if i can’t receive the order please return my money back please thanks

By tunde koiki
Dec 26 2020

I did a mistake in my address
My new address is ol104qj wlid street heywood

By Rufus Okoh
Dec 25 2020

V&A BORDERLESS PTE. LTD. - Singapore Company Have been taking money from my account unnecessary since i use my visa credit card to make payment for what i order, please i will want this to stop as soon as now.

My names are RUFUS OKOH (Barclays Bank Visa Credit Card )

By Qwatonya Burton
Dec 22 2020

Made a $121.xx purchase on the app. It states that the four digit code was wrong. When I checked my credit card. The purchase went through... will I get a confirmation on the arrival of package?

By Lolly Peter
Dec 16 2020

Hi have order some goods since on the 2rd of December up till now have not received my parcel hope all is well, thanks

By Kay
Dec 10 2020

Can you stop taking 0.99 pound from my account pls thank you

By Jurgita Djacenko
Dec 04 2020

I ordered some items. I receveid order but sizes is small. I was looking to send back but not have any label for retur. And also every month getting charge £0.99. For no reason.

By Amal
Dec 02 2020

I've ordered loads of clothes worht 91.67 pounds I ordered all the clothes in L and XL I've waited 20 days and I've received clothes not even close to my size there all way to small this is false sizes I'd like a refund ASAP and I'm giving the sellers and this app a bad review because this just is not right!

By Inga Kareivienė
Nov 26 2020

Hello. You have taken money out of my account unauthorised amount of £0.99p. Why?
Please cancel this as i do not use this so hopefully you can do this as soon as possible. Thank you.

By Richard fulcher
Nov 24 2020

You have taken money out of my account unauthorised amount of £00.99p please cancel this as i do not use this so hopefully you can do this as soon as possible. Thanks

By Philip Jones
Nov 17 2020

can you confirm what has been cancelled on my order ref S029043514922920 and confirm that you have refunded me



By Sulay
Nov 16 2020

[Wholee]Your package of SO29043709239308 has been cancelled due to Out of stock (not be able to purchase). You can contact customer support for help if needed. So now I need my money please

By Monique Brown
Nov 15 2020

Hello I have received notice that some of the items I purchased has been delivered but I haven’t received my items what do I do about that?

By Margaret Gerges
Nov 14 2020

I placed an order over 1 week ago. I have not been given any information about delivery and I can't even see my order although the money has been taken for membership and items from my bank account. This is very frustrating, I don't have order numbers or anything. The order vanished as soon as I paid for it.

By Gloria Collins
Nov 13 2020

Why can't anyone get in touch with you if you are legitimate company. Cancelled my order after realizing the goods will be too small the same day as the order was made and cancelled membership I never wanted. You have not had the decency to reply and tell me my order is cancelled or not, so I don't know what's happening. I have no way of finding a way to find the orders I placed with you as they are not listed on PayPal like other decent companies do. Read other reviews which are awful, so I really hope you are giving me a refund as requested .

Nov 13 2020

Hello Wholee,
I am your customer, i cannot access to buy from you -on my computer or laptop i can only buy from phone.
Please send me link on my email to be able to buy from my computer.
Thank you

Comfort Olufade

By Debra
Nov 12 2020

Well I'm really piss off with this so called company I sent in my 1st order which came to £93 and first off after a month are so was told my parcel was at a holdin place which I couldnt contact . Then on inquiring again was told it had been delivered and was sent a photo with it outside my front door. I hadnt recieved it .so after tryin and tryin and gettin no where I go into my backyard where my dog goes to do his business and what do I find two parcels in the rain and the mess. Not an happy bunny at that .But took them in only to find three of my items wasnt there and the things that did come was nothin like the pictures or description so now I want to send them back and can I hellers like get intouch with them .Does anyone out there know a number are what to do next I dont want to be stuck with this rubbish and I want my money back.please help

By Glenda Billings
Nov 11 2020

I received a text from wholee telling me my order had been sent on November 4, 2020 and gave me a tracking number but when I try to track I get the store items to buy. WHY❓I would be a good and steady customer if treated fairly and don't get screwed your selection of items and will have my account# flagged if I don't get some honest answers. Looking for your reply...thank you

By Leanne
Nov 04 2020

I have been informed that my parcel has been returned to you because nobody was in to receive it however we have no buzzer an tht was made CLEAR and now i would like my money back. There was no tracking number apart from the nunber under the barcode 58784853

Email me back with details of reimbursement immediately.

Ms leanne gray

By Patricia magee
Nov 03 2020

I have been In house and no one has delivered items as I'm waiting on this order SO29040174936356 and they have said they have delivered it but haven't received anything need this sorted as this order wasn't for me I'm not happy about this as it's over £90 pounds worth off stuff

By Roberta plicaite
Nov 03 2020

Take me from the shop why I need to pay the monthly fee if I'm not buying anythinh

By Amit singh
Nov 03 2020

It’s really really sad and devastating that I am one of your new customer and this is my first order and 4 items are missing.
I was about to order more but my wife suggested me to order few first and see the quality and all so most of the items are really good in quality but 1 of them are really bad quality and tored material I am going to attached a picture of That and need to return that item and want a refund for that.
Also the 4 items which were missing I am going to attach the picture of those either send me the products or refund my money, please resolve as soon as possible.

By Antony chelliaj
Nov 02 2020

I have only received 2 out of 8 items. Half of my order is missing and they have told me to send an image of parcel which I have and still no response what so ever. They are thefts who's not responding worser than scumbags.

By Rosie lowther
Oct 30 2020

Half of my order as not come

By Hector
Oct 30 2020

Hice una compra y cada mes me sacan dinero de mi cuenta los voy a denunciar a la policía

By Sanam
Oct 29 2020

I havent recieved my order. How much time will u guys take? Its almost a month n still waiting.

By Lisa
Oct 28 2020

Placed an order for over £60 recieved 2 small items value of less than £4, no response so far to the remaining order. Where is my order??

By Angela morris
Oct 24 2020

Hello. Still waiting for my order. I’ve paid for my goods. Once my order comes. Please take me off your site. Thank you

By Angela kiddie
Oct 23 2020

Placed an order for 14 items but only received 6 items. Either refund me or send my things I have paid in good faith and also recommend your site to others . Please send the rest of my order ASAP!!

By Gerry Sparks
Oct 22 2020

I want to cancel this as taking £2.99 every month, I dont want to purchase anything.

By Robert gardiner
Oct 20 2020

I ordered some shoes from v borderless Wholee on the 10 Oct never herd anything from them money taking from bank I’ve also emailed them

Oct 19 2020

As they mentioned item delivery usually take 10-20 days.. And today its 19th day still not get anything and there is no customer service number so where we suppose to call?
Can you please resolve my query as it was for my sister and tomorrow is her birthday but sadly i didnt get anything yet.
Anyone have customer ssrvice no please give me.
Thank u

By Leslie
Oct 19 2020

I have you a multiple inquiries regarding my order since last week but until today i am still waiting for your reply. Where is my order?
Is say it was delivered last Thursday at 1202AM!!! No one is doing a delivery at that time

By Deborah Vaughan
Oct 15 2020

I need to send items back but no address to send them. Also i only got half my order

Oct 13 2020



By Nazia chohan
Oct 12 2020

I revived my orders. Today you have taken money from my bank. £0.99. Can you explain to me why this amount has been taken. Thank you

By Joan mccormack
Oct 11 2020

Just wonded to no how long it take for my order to come please

By Hamish Mccormick Hightown
Oct 08 2020

Please cancel my membership as it doesn't tell you how to thanks

By Sandra clarke
Oct 05 2020

Hi I made a purchase which I am waiting to receive, but didn't realise I have to pay monthly to use your site, I am being charged 99p every 31 days, how long does this go on and what is it for please

By Beverley Snuggs
Oct 04 2020

I recieved my order but need to send items back as they are way to small but need a returns label i have messaged you before with no response

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