AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (2023)

Hazardous materials create problems not only for the environment and wildlife but also for consumers who need to dispose of their old oil, etc. Finding recycling centers can be difficult when you live in rural areas. Thankfully auto parts stores are lending a hand to make recycling old oil and filters easier

Does AutoZone take used oil? Yes, AutoZone does accept your old oil and your old filter. The other hazardous fluids in your vehicle usually are not accepted by this or any other auto parts store. Those you have to talk to a local mechanic or call your local recycling center for help.

You can contact for collection sites as well.

To learn more about the AutoZone oil recycling program, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to dispose of your old oil and filter correctly. The company started as Auto Shack and has upgraded its name and public image since it came into existence n 1979.

AutoZone Oil Recycling 101

Can You Return Used Oil to AutoZone?

Does AutoZone Charge to Take Used Oil?

What does AutoZone do With Old Oil?

How Much Oil Will AutoZone Take? (recycle limit)

Does AutoZone Take Used Cooking Oil?

(Video) Where to take used motor oil (recycling oil)

Does AutoZone Take Used Hydraulic Oil?

Does AutoZone Take Old Antifreeze?

Will AutoZone Take Used Brake Fluid?

Does AutoZone Take Used Transmission Fluid?

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil Filters?

Does AutoZone Take Old Car Parts?

Finding AutoZone Used Oil Drop Off Locations

Can You Return Used Oil to AutoZone?

Yes, you can but some states may have created laws that prohibit auto parts stores from collecting old oil. You would have to check with the laws in your state to see if it is one that has done this.

Generally, though, you can take your old oil to any AutoZone in proper containers and they will accept it with no problem. You just have to make sure there are no other fluids mixed in with your oil or oil filter.

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Even if you do not have one of these outlets in your area, other auto parts stores participate in this recycling program. You should not be far from an AutoZone parts store as there are roughly 6,500 of them in 4 countries including Brazil.

Ease of access makes sure you get your old oil to the right place instead of dumping it into the ground or the sewer system. It only takes a few minutes to find an outlet and drive to the nearest one.

Does AutoZone Charge to Take Used Oil?

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (1)

The good news about recycling is that it is usually free. The key will be to make sure you follow the ‘at one-time’ phrase as there are limits as to how much oil you can recycle per trip or per day.

The other key is to make sure you do not use the wrong containers to store your old oil or oil filter. The wrong container will contaminate the oil and then you will be turned away. When you are turned away, do not get mad at the manager or employee. They have strict rules to follow.

They may be able to direct you to the nearest recycling center that will take your contaminated oil. If not contact your local municipal office for the location and directions as well as hours of operation.

This may be a little inconvenient but it is an avoidable situation. As long as you use the right, clean containers, you should have no problem. A little extra effort on your part will save you time and money.

What does AutoZone do With Old Oil?

There is no specific information on the AutoZone website or other websites talking about recycling old oil at this parts store. But it is most likely that AutoZone either takes or sells it to an oil processing plant that re-manufactures the fluid and turns it into usable fuel for other products.

In other words, they are not dumping it into the ground or at a landfill. They are taking what you give them, add it all together to make one large shipment, and send it off to someone who can return it to a constructive and very useful product.

That is the best guess we have due to our research into this topic. As we said Auto Zone did not mention it nor did other websites. What that means is that you should ask them the next time you drop off your old oil and oil filters.

The different store managers should have the information as they are the ones to handle the shipping process when their tanks are full and need more room to receive more used oil.

How Much Oil Will AutoZone Take? (recycle limit)

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (2)

The amount of old oil Auto Zone will accept is a standard limit set by either the State or Federal governments. Some agencies monitor this issue and make decisions on how much can be collected per day. Then they set the limits, have them passed into law, and enforce those laws.

The limit these agencies have set for the normal consumer is 5 gallons per day plus, 2 used oil filters per day. The key is of course those 2 little words per day. If you have a lot of oil on hand, it will take several days to recycle it all.

There are probably exceptions to this limit for commercial companies and trucking fleet owners as well as taxi driver fleet owners and so on. If you fall into that category, you should check with the local government agency responsible and ask them what you need to do.

Never assume as it can be quite inconvenient when you are turned away from being over the limit. Of course, some managers make exceptions as long as you state you recycled only 5 gallons and 2 oil filters.

Does AutoZone Take Used Cooking Oil?

To some people oil is oil but they are a little naive on this issue. Cooking oil is different and is generally not made from petroleum products. If it was, you wouldn’t be able to use it for cooking.

Cooking oil has to be recycled through different companies that are associated with the food and cooking industry. They would have their own rules and regulations you need to follow.

Also, cooking oil is not considered to be a hazardous material. The recommended method to get rid of old cooking oil would be to store it in containers that can be tightly sealed, then place it in your trash can.

This product is not harmful to landfills. You can try to throw some into your compost system but do not throw too much as you may attract vermin that spread diseases and not eat the oil.

(Video) How to dispose of oil and hydraulic fluid properly RECYCLE!

The key to avoiding confusion on this topic is to stop focusing on the word oil, and focus on the previous words ‘motor’, ‘cooking’ and those words will let you know what you can do.

Does AutoZone Take Used Hydraulic Oil?

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (3)

In looking at a recycling website that talks about AutoZone and AutoZone's website, the answer to this question would be no, they do not. You would have to contact Earth911, your local recycling centers, or your local city halls to find out what to do with hydraulic fluid.

While this parts store does accept different fluids, they probably do not have the space to handle more than what they already accept. That would be one good reason why they don't. Another may be that they are not authorized by the city, county, or state to accept hydraulic fluid.

There would be other reasons as well and you would have to ask the manager at your local Auto Zone for those. They would be the ones that would have the answers to that question.

If you want to recycle hydraulic fluid, make sure to not let it get contaminated and use proper containers. Those regulations should be easy to find out if you contact the aforementioned agencies.

Will AutoZone Take Old Gas?

The answer is short and sweet here. No, they do not. Again you would have to ask the store’s manager why they do not accept old gas but this is a tricky fluid to recycle. The reason it is tricky is that you can simply add some new gas to the amount you have and continue to use it.

That will save you time as you do not have to search for a recycling center to bring it to. Most auto parts stores do not accept old gas either. If your fluids are too old and can’t be refreshed with new gas, then ask your mechanic if they will take it at their repair shop.

These automotive shops have other hazardous fluids they have to capture and recycle so adding your small amount may not be a big deal to them. There is no harm in asking them but do not ask the Auto Zone employees as they are not set up to accept old gas.

Does AutoZone Take Old Antifreeze?

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (4)

While this company has a page on disposing of old anti-freeze, it does not accept this fluid at its stores. We have checked several sources and there is no mention of them having the room to accept this fluid.

However, on their web page, the company does direct you to talk to your local recycling agencies or your local gas stations. Make sure you put the anti-freeze in safe, sealable disposable containers, not milk jugs, cartons, or juice cartons before you contact those outlets.

That web page also gives you instructions on how to clean up the fluid when you accidentally spill it. You do need to clean it carefully as it is poisonous to your pets and pets can lick it up when you are not looking.

To get that information just click here. It is best to get the information direct from the horse’s mouth. Talk to your mechanic as he may know where you are to take that hazardous fluid if his shop doesn't take it.

Will AutoZone Take Used Brake Fluid?

Finally, a little bit of good news and we say ‘a little bit’ because the information comes from a recycling website out of San Jose, California. Their information may not apply to all AutoZone outlets across the nation.

The rules are you can bring back up to 5 gallons of brake fluid but the containers are not accepted. You will have to bring them back home with you but that also is a good thing as you do not have to find new containers to use next time.

What you need to do is talk to your local AutoZone store manager and see what they will accept. While motor oil oil filters and batteries seem to be across-the-board standard recycling materials, other outlets may take back hydraulic fluid but not brake fluid and vice versa.

It is going to depend on the rules of the State you live in as to what other fluids Auto Zone will be allowed to accept. Some states prohibit oil recycling for some auto parts stores so do some research and see what your state has to say on this issue.

Does AutoZone Take Used Transmission Fluid?

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (5)

According to the California recycling website and AutoZone itself, the answer is no. But read what we wrote in the last section. This prohibition may only be regional and not national.

(Video) oil recycle at auto zone

Some people say yes they do but official websites either say no or remain silent on the topic. Ask the local store manager and get all the details for all your vehicle’s fluids. That way you do not have to ask more than once.

The key to recycling any hazardous fluid is not to contaminate it. That means you either have to retain the original containers those fluids came in or find clean accepted ones to store the used fluids.

Do not mix oil with brake, transmission, hydraulic or other combinations. Recycling centers won’t accept it.

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil Filters?

Yes, they do and it seems that they can accept up to 2 a day or per one time per customer. The last we looked most cars and trucks only use 1 so you do not have any worry about violating this policy unless you hold on to your oil filters for some time.

Of course, different individual store managers may have their own policy on this and you should double-check before bringing your oil filters in. The key to recycling these parts is to make sure to drain them completely of oil.

This can take several hours to do as many filters hold up to 1 quart of oil and that fluid has to seep through the filters inside the part to get to the container. Once they are drained, store them in a sealable plastic container or a plastic bag.

Does AutoZone Take Old Car Parts?

AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids) (6)

Besides oil filters which go hand in hand with their oil recycling program and batteries, AutoZone does accept other old auto parts.

To encourage you to recycle your old batteries the store does hand out $10 coupons or store credit when you do. That figure may change depending on the store and company policy.

One website says that this company does accept scrap metal but we saw no mention of it on their website and no mention of this came up in our search. Check with your local store manager to verify that information to be on the safe side. Other places may recycle car parts and pay you for them.

Make sure to verify with your local store before hauling all your old auto parts.

Finding AutoZone Used Oil Drop Off Locations

The best place to look for one of these is at AutoZone's website and look for the Locate a Store phrase at the bottom and in the black section. It is at the top of the black section and just underneath it is another link called AutoZone locations.

The first link takes you to a pop-up screen where you have to put your address in and click search. The smaller, second link takes you to another page where you have to do the same thing.

Once you get the store’s details, you will have to call them to find out where the closest one is to your location. That page did not indicate if they were a drop-off center or not.

Some Final Words

Even if you are stuck in a dead-end job, you can be a hero by recycling your old oil, filters, and other hazardous fluids. Just follow the rules, use the right containers and take the fluids to the drop-off location.

It is simple, easy, and doesn't take much effort. Plus, you are setting a good example for your kids or nieces and nephews.


AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids)? ›

Most AutoZone stores accept used motor oil, as well as other sensitive recyclables (like batteries).

Can you mix motor oil and transmission fluid for recycling? ›

It is also important not to mix transmission fluid with other automotive fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid or antifreeze (unless explicitly told to do so by a recycler). On their own, all these fluids can be handled with relative ease. Together, they can become hazardous waste and will likely need to be destroyed.

What do you do with oil after oil change? ›

If your oil does become contaminated, label the container and take it to your local Household Hazardous Waste collection site for disposal. Don't take it to an oil recycling site where it could contaminate the tank, making the contents impossible to recycle and expensive to dispose of.

How do you get rid of motor oil? ›

Don't pour your oil down the drain or onto the ground; you would be causing pollution and breaking the law. If you are found to have caused pollution you could be prosecuted. Take your used oil to an oil bank to dispose of it safely and legally.

Can oil be returned to AutoZone? ›

Returning a Product to an AutoZone Store

Products can be returned to any AutoZone store, provided that they are in their original packaging or box and you have the original sale receipt. If applicable, all fluids must be drained from the product before it is returned.

Does O'Reilly take used transmission fluid? ›

O'Reilly Auto Parts offers FREE battery recycling and oil recycling that includes motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, and even oil filters to help you get the job done right while Living Green. *It is required that containers are returned to customers.

What to do with mixed automotive fluids? ›

If your motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or antifreeze has been contaminated with any other fluids most locations will not accept it for recycling. If this has happened to you, you should reach out to your city or county household hazardous waste location to see if they will dispose of it properly.

What happens if you pour motor oil on the ground? ›

If spread over the ground, the oil will seep into the groundwater and eventually into the water supply. The same is true of putting oil in the trash. When it is taken to the landfill, the container may break and the oil may run into the soil and water.

How do you recycle motor oil at home? ›

How to Recycle Used Motor Oil - YouTube

Can you burn old engine oil? ›

Unfortunately, once a furnace burns the oil, it is gone. The company does not have to worry about disposal, but reuse is not possible. Traditional furnaces cannot use waste oil due to the impurities and the viscosity of motor oil.

What do you do with old oil? ›

Pour the oil into an old can and put it in the freezer or fridge. Once the oil is solid enough to come out of the can in one piece, it is ready to be thrown into the trash. If you have no more than a cup of oil or grease, pour it into a coffee mug and set it in the fridge.

What happens to used motor oil? ›

Used oil can be re-refined into lubricants, processed into fuel oils, and used as raw materials for the refining and petrochemical industries. Additionally, used oil filters contain reusable scrap metal, which steel producers can reuse as scrap feed.

Can used cooking oil be recycled? ›

Normally, you can reuse oil a couple of times. But be sure to throw it away immediately if it becomes dark, foamy, or rancid-smelling. Cooking oil recycling can also be beneficial outside your kitchen. Mix solidified grease with nuts or seeds to make bird cakes for your bird feeder.

Can you mix oil weights for recycling? ›

The only way to be sure your used oil does not become contaminated with hazardous waste is to store it separately from all solvents and chemicals and not to mix it with anything.

What happens if you put transmission fluid in the engine oil? ›

The transmission fluid will not be providing exactly what the engine needs in order to be properly lubricated and you could be causing your engine damage by continuing to run it with the tranny fluid in there. As you've suggested, there is a real chance of blowing out seals due to having too much fluid in the engine.

What do you do with old ATF? ›

To recycle antifreeze, it's best to find a recycling center or your local household hazardous waste program that accepts it. For transmission fluid disposal, pour fluid into a leak-proof container and drop it off at the nearest automotive fluid collection site. Reuse: Some car fluids can be reused at a later time.


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