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OCR 4 Bifida is a charity to support Spina Bifida families to offset the constant costs of having the Spina Bifida disability. There are constant struggles of having no insurance, low income or not having the opportunities to have a normal life. I have seen and been part of this struggle. My niece and cousin have the Spina Bifida disability. First hand I have witnessed what my family has went through getting the right medical care, equipment, housing modifications and pre-existing conditions talk the insurance companies impose on claims. Spina Bifida individuals didn’t ask for this but it is now their way of life. This is a birth to death disability that is a constant challenge for these families. For these reasons I want to raise awareness of spina bifida and help the engineering of new technology to aid individuals in their everyday tasks, provide home modifications, get rid of pre-existing medical condition talk and create a whole new way of giving. Obstacle Course Racing is a way for us all to show support for those who can’t run, jump, climb and enjoy the sights you see during the grueling time on the course. My goal is to create a non-profit group that shows where every dollar for donations is distributed and what that donation did to help others. OCR 4 Bifida, “Do it for those
who can’t”.

OCR 4 Bifida stands for, Obstacle Course Racing 4 Spina Bifida. I want to promote 5k-10k races throughout cities in America. These obstacles built of natural wilderness terrain, will be setup in the streets of Americas biggest cities. Create an environment of fun, fitness and gathering of people for a cause, that will never go away or be cured, but help those who have Spina Bifida to be able to live a little better life without the hassle of more physical and financial burden.

Contact: Tim Shanteau

OCR 4 Bifida Founder