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It has been noted that many seniors, while participating in the “Meals on Wheels” program in Pasco County, often give a portion of their delivered meals to their beloved pets. These companion pets are frequently a homebound senior’s only “family” member, and the pet’s well-being is naturally very important to them. Our goal is to provide good nutritional food for the animals, thereby enabling the elderly to enjoy their own meals with the knowledge that their pet is also being taken care of.

Genesis School and interested parents and friends came together in 2010 to create a program which provides needed pet food for the animals of Senior citizens in our area. Called Cindy’s Pets, our organization works in conjunction with Pasco County’s Elderly Nutrition “Meals on Wheels” program. Currently, Cindy’s Pets volunteers deliver over 2,000 pounds of pet food each month to the homes of 93 homebound seniors in West and East Pasco County to feed 315 cherished dogs, cats, birds, and the occasional bunny.

Can you help, Cindy’s pets?

Missy Nurrenbrock, West Pasco


Sharon Smith, East Pasco



(727) 372-9333