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Winter  is upon us, even in sunny Florida.  Although our fashion trends don’t follow the rest of the country, which is already feeling dipping temperatures,  we  have style of our own.

Whether the style is super glam in Miami or surfer vibe in St. Augustine, you can be sure that the weather will dictate one’s fashion selection.  Florida tends to stay warm most of the year and temperatures can be unpredictable.  The best way to transition into Winter in Florida is to play up color, texture and layers.  So, I can hear you asking, “where do I start”?  For almost any occasion in Florida, a stylish tank top and jeans is a great start to any outfit.  For daytime, throw on a lightweight scarf in a fun color and a pair of cute sandals.  To transition to the evening, wear a colored cardigan, sparkling accessories and strappy heels.  And if it just happens to be a cool evening, break out the boots and leather jackets.  We have to take advantage of the few times we can actually show them off.

In the rest of the fashion world, the big colors for Winter 2013 are emerald, teal, deep red, charcoal gray and of course, black.  Let’s face it though, in Florida we are still going to the beach in October and sometimes wearing shorts in December.  We Floridians still like to wear soft, beachy maxi dresses and that’s perfectly acceptable too.  For me personally, I can’t live without my cropped jean jacket.  It’s my Fall/Winter staple that I wear over my colorful maxi dresses.

When it comes down to it though, the most important element of fashion is to show off your own personal sense of style, whether it’s boho chic, classic, glam or trendy.  Mix it up and wear what shows who you are.  Boots with shorts?  Sassy, but I’ll leave that for the younger set.

Aimee is a Florida native and has lived in Sarasota for 7 years. She is owner of an on-line boutique named Moxie Girl Boutique which focuses on contemporary Florida style for women. Outside of her business life, she is a Mom and is active within her community. Volunteering is where her heart is and she desires to get more involved in opportunities to empower, encourage and inspire young women. A portion of her boutique profits are donated to a local non-profit that benefits girls at risk. She is also the branch President of the Socialites Sarasota, which is a business and social women’s networking group. They focus on establishing relationships among women so that they can support each other in life and have fun while doing it!