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 M any people from around the world are fond of celebrating parties and attending festivities. While some keep celebrations simple, others make each party of their lives more enjoyable and interesting. One way of doing this is by wearing costumes according to the party’s theme.

In children’s parties, usual themes include animation such as famous cartoon characters. Another favorite subject is the use of fictional and fancy dresses or costumes. Certainly, there are numerous themes to consider in merrymaking, and selecting one could be a daunting task for any party planner.


Festivities are times of social gatherings to celebrate, to be happy, and to enjoy not only the company of relatives and friends, but also the wonderful food. Since it should always be happy times, spoiling any celebration is a big no-no. The same is true during costume parties, so never wear anything that could upset or insult anyone. Hence, choosing the most suitable outfit in accordance to the theme is significantly essential.

Traditional Party Themes

Christmas has been in the tradition of many people to celebrate every year. During this time, wearing of costumes is also popular, like dresses with Christmas designs as mistletoes, Santa’s face, candy canes, stockings, etc. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is similarly celebrated worldwide especially in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

People tend to organize Halloween parties and wear different attires like Halloween fancy dress. The most common outfit designs during such celebration would include vampires, bats, skeletons, witch costumes, and other violent or scary characters.

Spice Up

Halloween parties are usually gruesome, scary, or brutal; thus, sensible outfits must be chosen carefully and worn properly. It is inevitable that simple Halloween costumes would appear boring to a lot of people. But in order to make outfits more attractive and interesting, additional accessories are reasonable instead of wearing a plain scary costume. In fact, any Halloween attire could be fascinating enough, however it is always best to incorporate scary make-up, hairstyle, and other accessories like mask, necessary footwear and head dress.

Affordable Costumes

Party outfits need not be costly because there are various competent sources of a Halloween fancy dress plus accessories and other needs. There are do-it-yourself books or guides on fancy or fictional costumes, as well as information from magazines, television shows, and of course the internet.

Besides customized or home-made outfits, thrift shops also offer different costumes on various party themes. Apparently, online stores likewise provide affordable fictional attires and fancy dresses. They also present big discounts, special offers, and at times promotional codes on select items.

Boys Versus Girls

Usually, boys wear the classic type of costumes like the famous Frankenstein or The Hulk. Despite of its simplicity, such attires remain classy yet attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, classic types are common, easy to find, and frequently cost cheaper compared to other modern outfits. On the other hand, girls prefer to dress in from cats to witches, devils, and vampires.

Similarly, such attires are considerably classic yet elegant and interesting. Moreover, others go with the advanced approach similar to hand-painted skeleton on the face and body, plus modern accessories and props.