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I love software architecture. I believe software architecture is the most fun job in the world. When I wanted to become a software architect I couldn’t find anyone to tell me how to do it, so once I became an architect I vowed to help others become software architects too. The future needs more software architects. Software architects are people who know software development in and out but they also have communication, leadership and end to end vision for a software system. They are the linchpin in the creation of complex systems which run our world.

I am starting a new organization called Software Architecture Symposiums International. This organization will create experiences for developers who also believe that software architecture is the most fun and creative job and want to get better at it. The symposiums will share the best practices and passion from dynamic experts with the developers who crave the knowledge to continue to be the guru in their organizations.

 I am so excited about this new organization I dream about it. I want to share it with everyone I know.

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By Bett Correa