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Music is an essential part of every culture on the planet; however, the benefits of music and the study of it are often overlooked. Music is a phenomenon that is always being researched and something that can even improve your health. Music also has many other effects on people of all ages. Music has been used in religious ceremony since the dawn of time, and music creates a sense of unity and community among listeners. It is also fun way to entertain yourself and can help you to relax.

For children, the benefits of music are profound. Children learn to use music to express emotions without the use of words. The complex system of symbols and characters used in musical notation can help children to learn to read the written word as well. Music teaches children to listen, builds memory, and engages many different types of learning. Aural skills are combined with coordination for the complex movements needed to play an instrument. Children who study music from an early age score higher on aptitude tests and in schoolwork. Music lessons also help children with ADD and ADHD and other disorders.
In adults, the effects of music are as varied and unique as the participant. Music can calm nerves and soothe emotions. Health benefits in adults include actually slowing down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress. The study of music helps fight depression and metal disorders in adults. Music affords adults the opportunity to explore the creative side of themselves and express frustrations. Alzheimer’s patients may have an automatic emotional response to a favorite song. Playing an instrument and listening to music also provide social opportunities. Music helps with job skills such as creative thinking, collaboration, expressive communication, and confidence.
Allegro Music Academy has programs for people of all ages and skill levels. Introduction to Music (for ages 4 to 7), Music Appreciation Club, private and group lessons, and free concerts and lecture series are a few of the ways that music can help benefit you. Allegro’s University Trained Teachers guide every student on a musical path that is right for them. Each student is taught according to his/her musical goals and abilities. Allegro’s dance and etiquette programs readily lend themselves to the balance of the whole person. Allegro is the area’s largest one-stop school of music, Etiquette, and Dance. Lessons at Allegro are available in English, Spanish, Russian, German and French.

 For more information about music programs at Allegro Music Academy, call     (941) 358-8511, visit in person at 241 Whitfield Ave, Sarasota, or on the web at
By Margaret Goreshnik

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