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Charles Marton was born born in Budapest, Hungary where he graduated from the Institute of Fine & Applied Arts as a graphic artist. He worked for “Mafilm” the Hungarian film studio. Later he created advertising graphics for a major publishing house where his illustrations were published in many newspapers and magazines throughout Hungary. In 1984 he moved to Upstate New York and since 1993 he resides in Florida.

In 1998 an architectural rendering of his, featuring Stetson University’s new library building in Gulfport, Florida was presented as a gift to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the law school’s dean. The framed picture now hangs in the Justice Department in Washington D.C. A number of his illustrations also appeared in National Traveler magazine. His artworks are in collections all over the world including Hungary, Ireland, Australia and the USA.

Charles Marton has developed an instantly recognizable personal style by combining intricate detail with elegance and clarity.

About the creative process:

My focus is to create functional works of art for both residential and commercial projects. My clients are restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, gift shops, home owners etc. I offer value and variety that you won’t find anywhere else. Blending the elegant look of traditional art and cutting-edge digital art, my artworks are more versatile than simple photos, drawings or paintings. They can be reduced or enlarged to any size. From postage stamp size to banner size! I provide a CD of art images that can be incorporated into a wide variety of uses such as: T-shirts, menus, gift certificates, note cards, letterheads, coffee mugs, newsletters, web sites etc. which with their memorable qualities will help your customers or friends remember you and associate you with quality, care and distinction. Nothing is more individualistic than art. A personalized art image cannot be duplicated and can become a valuable marketing tool to generate extra income for you.

All art images on this website were commissioned by individuals, businesses and organizations. They are custom designed artworks created from scratch. This is the nature of personalized art images therefore my rate is based on the complexity of the project(s). Send me photos of your home, business building, pet(s), favorite landscape, objects, flowers, still life etc. Let me know what atmosphere you have in mind, what image you hold close to your heart. Imagine the possibilities and let me do the magic! I will be glad to send you a quote for the project without obligation.

I have decades of experience in my field. Creating art is my profession as well as my passion.

By Charles Marton


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