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Ah, memories! Do you remember the days of your roaring twenties, not to be confused with the era, but a time when you were just starting out in life and had not figured out what your future would be?

When asked, about what they accomplished in their twenties most people say, “went to college, got a job, got married, had kids, etc.” Personally I finished college, got married, had two kids, and finally started my Graphic Design Firm.

I recently had the opportunity to interview twenty year old Chelsea Krost, who in my opinion is a remarkable young lady. Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine yourself having a Radio Show, writting a book, being a field reporter for a number of media outlets, covering a Presidential inauguration, a spokesperson for a major company, and being an advocate for many charities, all before the age of twenty. Chelsea has done all this before she reached twenty. You maybe saying, “Wow! That’s very impressive. She was just lucky.” That maybe some what true, luck does play a part but given the opportunities that came her way, with her determination, hard work, and blessings from above she accomplished all of the above.

For the last few years, Chelsea has been on a crusade to fulfill her passion of helping others through the media. She had an idea back at the age of sixteen to start a Teen Show in which she established the tagline, “Our Voice, Our Opinion, Our Time To Talk.” As a teenager, she felt inspired by her life experiences and everyday challenges to establish a voice for teens by providing them with a safe outlet to discuss their problems and hear advice from many experts on teen pressure. When asked, “who are your biggest listeners?” Chelsea replied, “Believe it or not it’s the parent’s, and grandparents of teenagers.”

Back in February of this year, Chelsea had released her first book called, “NINETEEN”. This book is a reflection of her Teenage experience. It discusses sexting, cyber bullying, self esteem, depression, body image, mean girls and boy troubles. Chelsea gives you insight on ever changing challenges that teenagers face today. This book is a must for teens, parents, and grandparents of teenagers. You can pick up copy of NINETEEN just in time for the holidays on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Chelsea is currently active with a number of charities, including SOS Children’s Villages, The Pajama Program, The Unicorn Foundation, Africa Heart, and Dream Sponsors Inc.. You would think with the radio show and being an advocate for charities she wouldn’t have any time left for anything else. Even with Chelsea’s busy schedule she attends Marymount College in New York City.

Like I always say to family and friends, “Dreams are a mere whisper from God.” We all can take note that Chelsea is listening to God and she is following her dreams.

While reading this article, it doesn’t matter if you are twenty or eighty, if you follow this simple rule and that is , “You are only as old as you think you are if you haven’t lived out your dreams.” So, if you have a desire that is burning in your heart, get up and put that idea into motion, and don’t think that you are too old or too young that it can never happen. Look at Chelsea she is living proof that dreams can happen.

In the words of Chelsea Krost, “ The Challenge of the unknown and of turning my dreams into reality is exhilarating. I want to continue to be a role model for young adults to realize that they too can achieve their dreams when they follow their passion, surround themselves with positive people, and never stop believing in their potential. I have never been afraid of hard work, and I don’t expect anything to be handed to me. However, if I were offered my own TV show, I
wouldn’t exactly say ‘No!’”

By Susan Gulash